Club Spotlight: Gipton Community Club

It was a fantastic opportunity to visit the newly refurbished Gipton Community Club. The club has been given a fresh look – including brand new paintwork and styling.

Gipton Community Club: A club with no committee

Gipton Community Club, formerly Gipton Working Men’s Club, is somewhat unusual as it is not run by members or a committee. Instead, its management team make commercial decisions around the club’s future and its activities.

This means the club is run to be commercially successful, aiming to attract as many community members as possible. The events and activities the club puts on are designed to make money and entertain – and the plan seems to be working! There are many loyal customers and, though there is no official membership system, the dedication customers show to the club is incredibly familiar.

The club is still incredibly proud of its history as a Working Men’s Club. It boasts a beautiful display of trophies and awards from the days of being a more traditional membership club. The trophy cabinets are quite something. In a room filled with snooker and pool tables and dart boards, it’s a stunning addition to the space. There’s something quite lovely about honouring the club’s rich history.

Getting involved with the community

It’s clear that Mary, the club’s manager, enjoys working at Gipton Community Club. It’s a tight knit team who really know their customers.

The club has a small theatre space upstairs, which is often used to host live entertainment. Red Ladder Theatre Company occasionally use the space for rehearsals and performances. In the Gipton area, this is particularly special as it encourages the community to engage in creativity and enjoy live performances.

Does your club have a committee?

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