From gas heaters to gazebos: how to keep your outdoor area safe

Many clubs and pubs across the country have had to adapt. Meeting the evolving demands of the government’s COVID-19 legislation can be a challenge. 

Are you setting up an outdoor area to host new customers? Make sure you don’t end up invalidating your insurance policy by keeping schtum.

The benefits of outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces allow venues to better socially distance customers, giving people the opportunity to socialise with their households in a safe environment. 

With the winter weather setting in, venues are hiring in or purchasing gazebos, heaters and other pricey equipment to ensure customers are comfortable. Whilst a toasty, cosy environment is important – it can also be risky. Venues must know what they’re letting themselves in for. 

First things first. If you’re hiring in equipment, have you read the terms of any hire agreement to establish who is responsible for insuring the items? You’ll need to let your insurer know this information.

What do we need to know?

If you’re trading differently to normal due to the new COVID-19 restrictions, we need to know about it. 

Disclose material facts to your broker. This includes equipment such as heaters, fire pits and gazebos. You risk not being covered at all if these items aren’t disclosed, and there’s an accident or incident at your venue.

And, by at all, we mean at all. For example, if your hired-in patio heater set fire to your gazebo and this eventually spread to your club’s main building you may find you’re not covered for any of it if you didn’t tell us about the additional risk. 

Please note that equipment such as gazebos and marquees may be subject to restricted covers. This is because they’re relatively high-risk, attracting storm damage etc and some insurers may only provide cover for certain circumstances. Your insurer or broker will be able to discuss this with you. 

Our friendly, dedicated account management team are always on hand to help. To discuss any changes in trading or for further advice please do get in touch with us.