Five reasons your club should fundraise for Prostate Cancer UK

Fundraising has a range of benefits for both the fundraiser and the charity. That’s why the Club Insure team regularly gets involved in a whole host of fundraising activities! Both in and outside the office, you’ll often find the team hosting bake sales, taking on walking challenges or even wearing fancy dress all in the name of great causes.

So why should you take on a fundraising challenge for charity? Here are our top five reasons to fundraise for Prostate Cancer UK.

1. You can make a big difference

This almost goes without saying. Charities set out to do good. They make a real change, whether that’s a societal change or on an individual level. Charities such as Prostate Cancer UK work across every level. They fund large scale research projects with the aim to improve prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. They also provide helplines and extensive support to people who need it. Charities like these make a tremendous difference, but they need your help to continue doing their great work.  

2. Set yourself a challenge

Accomplishing something is a great way to empower you and inspire the people around you. Get out of your comfort zone and live actively – taking on new activities and expanding your skills. Doing this on behalf of charity is a great excuse to push yourself.

3. Build team camaraderie

We’re sure sports and social clubs already have plenty of team spirit! Go hard on your team bonding and set a group challenge everyone can get involved in. This is a great way for new members to meet other people and learn more about the club, too.

4. Charitable giving is good for you

Studies show that giving money to charity has many health benefits, including a positive impact on your mental health. If you set yourself a physical challenge, giving to charity is a great motivator to get fit and stay healthy.

5. Connect with the wider community

Some people in your local community, including businesses and other organisations, might not be aware of your club or the great work you do. You can connect with the community by taking part or organising a fundraising challenge.

Over the next three years, we’re partnering with Prostate Cancer UK to raise £75,000. With your help, we’re confident we can raise millions. Read more about the partnership here. We hope you understand the importance of this cause and see how relevant this is for club members across the country.

Would you like to Club Together and join our mission to help raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK? Sign up here.