Five reasons an Independent Broker could help your club

We highlight the difference between an insurance broker and an independent insurance broker. How can an independent broker help your club?

Can’t I just sort out my own insurance?

Sure. 11 million people use price comparison sites. But do you really understand what you’re paying for? Is the policy tailored to your specific requirements?

The consequences of underinsurance can be catastrophic. Would your club be able to survive a major incident if an insurer wouldn’t pay out? Even if you’re insured correctly, you may not have the expertise to negotiate your claim effectively with your insurer to make sure you’re paid what you deserve.

By putting your trust in an insurance broker, you can have peace of mind that your insurance policy really will cover you for the ‘what ifs’.

Adding in the middle man could save you money

Wait, what? But surely adding another party incurs another fee, another salary, another cost? Not in this instance. Price comparisons get paid commission by the insurance provider, just like brokers do. The difference is the internet bots won’t be able to provide you with tailored advice and expertise.

As brokers, we work with insurers every day. So we’ve got a pretty decent relationship with them. Insurers know that brokers are trained to assess risk and help advise on the best policy. And they offer favourable prices in return. This means brokers can get you the best possible price for the best possible cover.

Why choose independent?

Independent brokers aren’t tied to a couple of select insurers. They can approach multiple markets to make sure they’re getting you the best price.

Bespoke cover with your club in mind

There are hundreds of different insurance policies out there. An off the shelf policy might look like it’s got you covered, but it might not take into account unique aspects of your club.

Brokers take the time to get to know you and your business. They’re experts at spotting potential risks and making sure you’re covered against them.

Why choose independent?

Independent brokers care for each customer individually. Other brokers are part of large networks and customers naturally become a smaller part of the machine. To independents you’re the main priority. Independent brokers will make sure they know customers inside out, so they can advise on the best possible cover.

Knowledge of the law

When’s the last time you read the Insurance Act? Insurance brokers know exactly what you need to declare to your insurer, and will make sure you’re not breaching regulation.

Why choose independent?

By truly getting to know your club, independent brokers will be able to support you in presenting your unique risks to the insurer. This results in complete peace of mind that you’re sticking to the rules and regulations.

An insurance broker will help you long after you’ve bought your cover

With off the shelf insurance solutions, it’s likely you’ll be left to handle any future claims on your own. The claims procedure can be incredibly stressful. Insurers don’t just pay out the full sum on a first request. They’re likely to challenge your claim in one way or another.

Insurance brokers know how to counteract and negotiate with the insurer and will present your claim effectively to ensure you’re paid in full.

Why choose independent?

Because an independent broker knows your policy, they know how to fight your corner. As it’s likely your broker has provided risk management advice, they’ll be able to prove to the insurer that you did everything possible to mitigate the risk. Thus you’re more likely to win your case.

You can be more than a policy number

If you work directly with an insurer, you’ll probably just be a cell on an Excel spreadsheet. They won’t know your club or your cover. An insurance broker has a smaller number of clients and works with them on a one-to-one basis to make sure they’re adequately covered through the years.

Why choose independent?

Independent brokers tailor their service to you. And there’s always a contact at the other end of a phone should you need them. As brokers join other giant networks of brokers, it’s becoming increasingly rare for customers to receive a personalised service. Here at Club Insure, our customers really are one of the family.

Is there an independent insurance broker that specialises in clubs?

Well. We’re glad you asked.

We know the clubs industry inside out, so we can advise our customers on the latest news and regulations. We’re not only accredited by some of the most well-known associations in the industry, but we’ve also got an impressive list of recommendations from the people who matter most: our customers.

You’re probably thinking “what’s the catch?” There isn’t one. Why not get in touch with the team to find out more?