What is Excess Protection and why does your club need it?

How to protect your excess in the event of a claim

Here at Club Insure we have negotiated Excess Protection, an exclusive insurance product that refunds the excess paid on your policy.

What are the Commercial Excess Protection cover limits?

We can provide a policy that refunds excesses of £300, £500, £1000 or £2,500 aggregate limits per year.

The policy continues until the Excess Protection cover limit is used up or at expiry.

The period of cover is 12 months, and can be purchased at any time during the policy period. So it doesn’t need to be purchased at inception or renewal. However, it can only be bought to protect future claims not claims that have already occurred!

Which commercial insurance policies are covered?

  • Commercial combined and property
  • Offices, retail, hotels, restaurants
  • Employers, public, products liability
  • Personal accident, travel

So if your club is in need of a little extra financial security we do recommend getting this additional policy.

Who would benefit from this type of policy?

In short? Your club. 

The sports and leisure industry often experience a high number of spurious Public Liability claims. Whilst some of these are genuine, others can be questionable. And sometimes you’re required to turn to your insurance to settle the claim.

Really the question to ask yourself is this: can you afford the risk of paying an excess every time a new claim comes in? 

If you manage multiple clubs, you can purchase up to three separate Excess Protection policies. There’s no restriction on the number of venues. 

What about Excess Protection for adverse weather or theft?

Yep, we can offer that too. 

Clubs in high flood areas should definitely consider Flood Excess Protection. This offers peace of mind that, in the event of a claim, you can recover your excess. If you’ve been affected by a flood before then your excess could be quite high. And sometimes so high that another flood would cripple a club financially.

The same goes for areas in a high crime risk area. 

The cost of the might vary depending on your specific needs, but your specialist insurance broker (that’s us) will be able to advise on that. 

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