Closing your club? Make sure you complete these vital dormancy checks

Following the government’s announcement that UK citizens must only leave home where absolutely necessary, all clubs, pubs and leisure businesses have been forced to close their doors for at least three weeks. 

It’s imperative that at this time you put the safety of yourself, your staff and your customers first. But you must also safeguard your club’s future. 

Ensure you have completed all the adequate steps to keep your premises safe whilst not in use.

Before vacating your club, pub or other venue, you must make sure you have taken the following steps:

  • Remove all cash and high risk theft items from the premises 
  • Empty cash from gaming machines and leave them open so potential thieves will know there is no point breaking in
  • Empty cash from any safes, and leave the safes open where possible 
  • Check all safety systems are turned on and fully functional. This includes Security Alarms, CCTV, Fire Alarms, etc
  • Where possible, isolate any gas supply to reduce the risk of leaks, fire or explosions
  • Where possible, isolate the mains water supply to reduce the risk of burst pipes and flooding
  • Arrange a rota amongst key staff members to check the premises as regularly as possible to ensure the integrity of its safety and security whilst closed
  • Consider boarding up your premises – this may be required at some point by your insurers, so you should check the Terms and Conditions of your policy
  • Take copies of all important documents: your insurance policy, business continuity plans and key contact details 

It’s also important to notify your insurer or insurance broker if:

  • You have a ‘live-on’ steward based at your club and they have now moved off site
  • You plan on altering how your business operates (such as offering a takeaway or delivery service)
  • There are any changes to your Sums Insured
  • There are any changes to your insurance cover, such as large amounts of equipment taken off-site 

We have created a downloadable Dormancy Checklist to help you protect your premises, allowing you to quickly and safely return to normal once this challenging period has passed. 

As always, if you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team please do get in touch