Don’t forget this before running a World Cup event

It’s easy to forget something important when planning for a big event like the World Cup

The World Cup offers proactive pubs and clubs a great opportunity to win over the competition.

During the last world cup, beer sales were up 4.4%. And although the Euros tournament was hit by COVID restrictions, the final saw 13 million pints sold across the UK in two hours.

Pubs which show sports are usually 200-300% more popular over the year than those that don’t. However on singular match days and during big tournaments, sales go up by 60%, limited not by demand but by capacity.

“We are seeing an uplift in drinks sales on match days but because of capacity constraints it is nowhere near as much as it would usually be,” said Kate Nicholls, the chief executive of industry trade body UKHospitality during the 2020 Euros.

So to take advantage of the World Cup, clubs need to act proactively and update their premises and procedures. There are a range of options for clubs to improve their offering and attract customers, however many changes require an update to a club’s insurance terms.

Having a dedicated informed broker that’s solely on the side of clubs is necessary for quick and accurate updates to insurance.

Don’t forget additional event insurance

If you are running a world cup event, where you expect to have a much larger number of members of the public on your premises, then you will need temporary event insurance. This is a temporary policy designed to cover you and your business from increased risk. This is necessary as your standard cover may not be extensive enough to cover you if you exceed your normal numbers of participants, or if safety and security is compromised as staff become overwhelmed.

Temporary event insurance could be the difference between financial security and being the victim of an expensive claim. Even if you are unsure it’s required; don’t take the risk – contact Club Insure today and tell us about your world cup plans.

Don’t forget enough TVs

Enough screens will be needed so everyone can see the games. That or one large screen and projector which caters to all viewers. Your club will quickly have complaints if just one TV is available, common in most clubs, restricting viewing; perhaps the TV then breaks, that’s a major potential revenue stream no longer viable.

TVs need to be covered by your insurance. Any more screens you decide to add or purchase for your bar area needs to be included in your contents cover. The quickest way to do that is to call your broker.

Don’t forget lighting

This World Cup is not, as usual, in the peak of summer. It is after the change of the clocks, near to the winter solstice where the days in the UK are shortest. Games will be between 1pm and 7pm, and so sunlight will be minimal.

Clubs should update their outdoor lighting to improve visibility in the car park. This will greatly help against the likelihood of slips and trips. Do a health and safety review of your facility before the world cup event and see where more light could be needed.

Don’t forget to update sums insured upon adding additional seating and outdoor seating

Any increase to your club’s capacity needs to be added to your insurance.

Planning to add additional seating, inside or outside, carries risk. And the more contents in your premises, the more costly a fire theft or flood will be. Your sums insured need to be updated to include an additions made to your club. Underinsurance is all to frequent and potentially very dangerous for your finances. Learning how to check whether your club is currently underinsured is a necessity, ever more prevalent when hosting a big event.

Don’t forget to coach your team

Just as a great team and flexible formation is key to getting far at an international tournament (ignoring Greece’s Euro win of 2004), the same is true for running a successful pub business.

Your team need to know and understand health and safety procedures and what to do in a given situation. You may opt for new recruits since you are expecting to be busy during the world cup; ensure theses staff members are brought up to speed.

Volunteers and staff alike will require employers liability insurance. This protects businesses in the event staff need to make a claim against you for a workplace incident.

Don’t forget to get a Music license

Whether you are setting the mood with “Three Lions” or want to celebrate along to “We are the Champions” music is essential. To be able to play music legally in a publicly accessible place of business, a music license is required.

Don’t forget to purchase your music license, or double check your current subscription, before the World Cup.

Don’t forget to get a TV license

Every game will be live on the BBC or ITV. Perhaps disappointing for clubs who have already forked out for a Sky Sports or BT sports subscription, but nevertheless an easy find. Remember this is NOT free – a tv license is required to watch national television.

Ensure you have a valid TV license today.

Don’t forget to market your world cup event

Your World Cup event won’t be successful if people don’t know about it. Market your event to get the most out of this new revenue stream.

Physical marketing such as leaflets, flyers, and posters are ideal. Digital media is the best way to get in front of the widest audience; social media, email campaigns and event websites. Try to do it without violating FIFA’s intellectual property and use tools like Eventbrite or WhereCanWeGo.

Before planning a large event, remember to tell your dedicated club insurance broker. We, at Club Insure, are here to help support your endeavours but also to keep clubs financially protected.