Are you compliant with money cover and key conditions?

Just a short blog from us today, but a very important one.

Recently, we’ve witnessed claims from our clients, where thieves have broken into safes using keys kept in nearby key boxes. This is desperately frustrating and we feel for every single victim of this crime.

Money Cover and Key Conditions

However, keeping keys in key boxes is actually in contradiction to the key conditions in your insurance contract. Insurance is as much about preventing risks as it is about recompensing the victim after the incident. In order to fulfil your insurance contract, you need to make sure that you’re following all the guidelines on risk management and complied with the policy conditions.

Unfortunately, keeping keys for safes in key boxes does not meet these requirements. Key boxes are not considered to be strong or durable enough to give the keys adequate protection.

To meet key and money cover conditions, you must:

  • Store keys within another safe
  • Keep that safe in a room away from the office or location of the safe

If these stipulations aren’t met, you must keep your keys away from the premises.

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