Club Insure and the Association of Conservative Clubs

For 6 years, Club Insure have worked alongside the Association of Conservative Clubs to help their members get the very best specialist insurance cover.

We’re really proud of our connections with the associations, so we thought we’d take this time to explain a little about the partnership, the history of our relationship and how it works in practice.

Who are the Association of Conservative Clubs?

First off, we’d better take this opportunity to explain who the ACC are for those who aren’t in the world of political and social clubs.

The Association of Conservative Clubs is an organisation associated with the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom. It represents and provides support to the largest association of political clubs in the country, estimated at 1,100. The association is headed by Lord Smith of Hindhead CBE, who is also the Conservative Party Treasurer.

ACC members are commonly titled ‘Conservative Club’, but can also be known as Constitutional, Salisbury, Beaconsfield or Unionist (or a combination).

You can find a conservative club in most towns and cities, even in staunch Labour heartlands.

So does the partnership with the ACC mean Club Insure are right-leaning politically?

Not at all. Or at least, certainly not as a group.

Club Insure is made up of people from all different backgrounds carrying a variety of political views and opinions. But they leave them at the door when they get to work.

We don’t endorse or reject any political party (unless they promote hatred or violence). We judge every club purely on its insurance requirements. We believe in the club industry, whatever the views that accompany it.

In fact, we have similar partnerships with associations for labour and liberal clubs too.

When did Club Insure start working with the ACC?

The partnership between Club Insure and the Association of Conservative Clubs officially began in 2013 and was one of our first association partnerships. As Club Insure has gone from strength to strength, we’ve provided specialist insurance cover for ACC members up and down the UK.

How does the partnership work?

In a community like political and social clubs, trust, loyalty and respect are king. It’s important to the ACC that they can give their members the best advice when it comes to protecting their clubs. So it makes sense that one of the biggest club organisations in the country would partner with the leading club insurance provider.

We can offer comprehensive cover to all ACC members. And because we work with so many conservative clubs, we have specialist insight and knowledge of the risks they face and the struggles they have to overcome.

How can an ACC member benefit from working with Club Insure?

As we said in the previous paragraph, conservative clubs are one of our big specialties. It’s where our experience and expertise lies, and we have insight into the industry like no other UK broker has.

Club land is all about community and togetherness, and that’s something we put at the forefront of our work with the ACC. We believe in making the most of partnerships and using them to learn important lessons that will improve the future of conservative clubs.

If you’re an ACC member club and you’d like to talk to us today about the most comprehensive insurance cover for your club, contact us today using our ‘contact us’ page.