Claims Story: Heavy Rainfall Causes Golf Club Flooding

Following extensive rainfall in the winter months of 2023/2024, a Yorkshire golf club saw extensive losses and damages to their premises.

The Situation

The rainfall was so excessive and it continued for a number of days. The trolley store at the club flooded, damaging both the equipment, golf trolleys and the ground. The rain kept falling, worsening the damage and the club’s surrounding buildings were waterlogged.

Essential areas of the golf course were heavily affected, including the putting green, car park and 18th hole. This caused major interruption to daily operations and effectively closed the club.

The Cause

After investigation, rainfall was not the only reason why the golf course was so abnormally affected. It appears there was blocked gulley which usually drains away onto the road gulley immediately outside the golf club. The club’s representatives contacted Yorkshire Water, Leeds City Council And Highways to resolve the issue.

The Claim

Thankfully, the golf club were prompt with their claim and Club Insure were able to quickly understand the situation. The golf club were descriptive, offered a visitation and provided pictures of the damage. We provided next steps advice, and confirmed to the clubs that their insurance would cover the cost of the services they required.

To resolve the damages, the golf club paid for a company to come to their premises and remove the flood water into tankers. This reduced the level of water immediately, allowing investigation of the gulley blockage. This service cost approximately £3,000.

The golf club also arranged for a local golf professional who specialises in repairing golf trolleys to attend the club and assess all the trolleys that were in the trolley store.

The Solution

The claim has now been settled successfully, with the golf club receiving compensation. From the pictures it’s clear to see how this is an unusual, uncommon claim; especially due to the club not being a flood risk. Nevertheless, because of strong fast communication, the inhouse Club Insure claims team were able to provide advice and work toward providing compensation for the cost of repairs and services.