Stormy Weather: What to do now and Future Advice

We issued a storm warning last week in preparation for the coming storm, but we thought it was an appropriate time to offer a more complete guide to how to react and prepare for more extreme weather conditions.

Storms can cause damage to your sport clubs with falling trees, flooding and general damage caused by high winds, lightning and heavy rainfall a real risk, especially we approach winter.

If you your sports or social club is located in the south of England, it is likely you experienced the travel difficulties firsthand. It can be worth advising staff who are affected to avoid coming to work, if their journey is likely to be dangerous due to the storm disruption.

While the giant loose beach ball was a entertaining development in the recent stormy weather, there is a much darker side to St Jude day storm. Three fatal accidents and thousands of houses losing power hang heavy over the recent spate of extreme weather.

Advice If You Were Affected by the Storm

If your local sports club or social club was damaged in the storm there are measures you perform to make coping with damage and importantly, claiming on insurance, an easier process:

  • Turn off your power and gas if you suspect either has been compromised or damaged
  • If any repair work needs doing urgently, make sure you keep all receipts
  • Take photographs of all damage as evidence. While all insurance companies who would love trust every claim we receive, having photographic evidence of any damage that has occurred, especially if they plan to repair it, is always advantageous
  • Use tarpaulin as temporary cover to prevent further leaks, but only do this when it is safe to do so
  • Don’t attempt to fix any electrical work that is still live, or that you have little experience with. It’s better to get a professional than put yourself at risk
  • Be sure to move damaged items if possible, or move more expensive and equipment to a safer location if possible if there is more bad weather on the way.

Club Insure Storm Advice

There are measures you can take to better prepare your sport or social club for storms in the future.

In preparation for future storms, here are some tips to avoid unnecessary damage or discomfort:

  • Put together an emergency kit in case you’re stuck in your home – you could include waterproof clothes, non-perishable food, bottled water and any medication that you take
  • Be sure to store important documents, including insurance policies, upstairs in your home or at a high level, preferably in a waterproof container
  • Have a battery-powered radio for local alerts and storms news. Radio news should inform you about travel disruption and other factors like school closures
  • Keep your mobile phone fully charged for the same reason
  • Before a storm hits, be sure to make yourself aware of how to shut-off gas, electricity, oil-fired heating and water, even in the dark
  • Sand bags, flood sacks, door guards and air brick covers can also stop or slow water getting into your home.

Get in touch with Club Insure Insurance to discuss how our bespoke insurance cover for your nightclub, pub or bar could be exactly what you establishment needs. Phone us on 0844 488 9205, email us at or use our contact form.

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