Preventing Trips and Slips in Sporting Clubs

Trips and slips can easily result in sprains, cuts and broken bones, especially in sporting clubs and grounds. Liquids, snow and ice on the premises and loose sporting equipment can pose serious threats to your customers and staff.

There are measures however that you can take to minimise these risks and to help create a safer environment for your employees and customers.


Spillages are likely to be common in any sporting club, especially one that includes a players bar or cafe. Make sure all staff are vigilant against spills, identifying and cleaning up after them as fast as possible. After a spillage has been found, try to make sure a member of staff stays with it, then contacts another member of staff to come clean it up. Advise cleaning staff to dry mop the area afterwards to reduce residual moisture and to ensure the area is clearly marked as wet. Also another practical piece of advice is to organise your daily cleaning so that all areas of the establishment are completely dry by the time your staff arrive the next day.


Ice and snow are the root of many accidents in the winter months, but there are things you can do to minimise risk. The council will grit certain areas but it is incredibly likely that key locations will be left un touched, to combat this do you own gritting, especially in outdoor stairways and on the entrance steps. Try covering pathways if you know snow is forecast overnight, making it much easier to remove any snow obstructing your members route. It is a myth that it is legally advisable to not clear snow from inside your grounds, try to clear as much as possible, especially in heavy snowfall.


Your sporting club is sure to have plenty of equipment, some of it dangerous if misused or tripped over. Make sure all items are cleared away and kept in a secure, locked area. Another policy that could help minimise incidents is to ensure that there is a member of staff present at all times when equipment is being used, making sure no members are using anything improperly or dangerously. Put in a strict policy to ensure all the competitors and members wear the proper safety equipment (helmets, pads, gloves, etc) to every practice and game.

If you are concerned about other potential risks, or if you are considering changing insurance for your sports club, contact us using the details below.

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