Health & Safety – ‘Slips & Trips’

In our latest article, our risk management team look at the best ways to avoid ‘slips & trips’ claims in your club.


Whilst they may not always grab the headlines in the news, ‘slips & trips’, continue to be the most common cause of injury in the workplace as well as being the most reported injury to members of the public.

A risk assessment is an essential foundation of managing slips & trips (you can access this for free via Club Insure Risk Management) but this is just one part of the process as you need to ensure that the control measures and actions are carried out.

People’s perception of risk can vary greatly and so whilst one person may write the risk assessment based on their findings, someone else may identify something different. On this basis, by engaging with the employees who may be affected by the risk assessment you can gain different thoughts and they may good ideas in how to reduce the risk.

Whilst most solutions may be simple, such as cleaning up spillages as soon as possible, some others may not be so obvious and so by keeping records of any significant findings you can monitor the positive developments and make adjustments where necessary.


So, here’s a few solutions which may help reduce slips & trips:

·         Ensure floors don’t get contaminated:

For example, where you have entrances to your premises, do you have suitable matting to stop water etc being taken onto floors which could cause an injury?

·         Do you know the correct cleaning methods?

Depending on the type of floor, you may need to use different cleaning products, or different methods. Do some of your products actually add to the risk?

·         Regularity:

Do you have a regular cleaning and checking timetable to ensure that areas of concern are monitored regularly? Is it often enough? Is it recorded? Remember, if it’s not written down, it is hard to prove it happened.

·         Environment:

Where there is a higher chance of a slip or trip, ie near the bars, at an entrance, or on a large floor area, such as a dance floor, how accessible is it for staff to monitor during busy times and what processes are in place to manage the checking of it?

Like most health & safety, a lot of this is common sense, but it is the execution of the plans which has the greatest impact.

The Health & Safety Executive regularly publish excellent information on their website and so it is worth monitoring but you can also receive advice and guidance via Club Insure Risk Management.

If you need any advice, contact us today on 0344 488 9204.

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