Club Insure March the Month

Raising awareness of prostate cancer

Club Insure are taking on the March the Month virtual walking challenge. Our team have signed up to try to complete 11,000 steps a day each throughout the month of March. We will be walking an individual total of 341,000 steps over 31 days.

We will be keeping track of our accumulative total throughout the month with our Step Counter. View our travel route to the Stadium of Light to see the milestones we pass along the way.

The Club Insure accumulative total is currently:


Milestones on our Virtual Journey:

Site showcase:

1st Milestone: Almscliffe Crag

After walking 13,000 steps, each of us will pass Almscliffe Crag on our second day.

Overlooking the road between Otley and Harrogate, Almscliffe Crag is a millstone grit outcrop which is popular with rock climbers.
From Almscliffe Crag there are fantastic views over the end of lower Wharfedale and eastwards across to the plains of the Vale of York.

Marching for Lloyd Pinder

Club Insure to The Stadium of Light and Back

We march in memory of Lloyd Pinder, a fellow colleague and close friend of many within the team. Lloyd was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 44. Lloyd was a fantastic ambassador for prostate cancer awareness. As well as his many charity events – each achieving thousands of pounds in donations – Lloyd would often walk to raise money. In 2016, Lloyd raised £6000 for Prostate Cancer UK with Jeff Stelling’s March, and he walked the Leeds March for Men each year.

Lloyd Pinder died of prostate cancer in September. In his memory we walk. All who knew Lloyd knew he was a dedicated Sunderland fan. So our company will be using our virtual steps to walk from the Leeds office where he worked to the Stadium of Light and back.

The distance is around 170 miles. We hope to showcase some of the best sights along the way, so keep your eyes fixed on the map and our social feed.

Lloyd Pinder

Marching for Men

March the Month is a prostate cancer awareness event. Our team are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. At 11,000 steps a day, each of our team will be walking a total of 341,000 steps over 31 days.

That’s 341,000 steps for Lloyd and the other 341,000 dads, husbands, brothers, grandads, sons, uncles and friends who have been affected by prostate cancer. Also, the mums, wives, sisters, grandmas, daughters, aunties and girlfriends who’ve had their lives turned upside down by this cruel disease.

With all those taking part accounted for, our Club Insure company total is a huge 12,617,000 steps. We will be illustrating the distance each of our participants will cover by using a map, stretching from Leeds to Sunderland. At 2000 steps per mile, we hope every one of our team members will complete the 170 mile virtual journey. Watch us hopefully smash our target of near 13 million steps – You can keep track of our total steps via the step counter and our social feeds:


As well as raising awareness, we have a channel for those who would like to give toward the funding of lifesaving research, diagnosis and treatment. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. Around 400,000 men in the UK are living with the disease and one man dies from it every 45 minutes.

You will find our JustGiving page here, where all donations will go to Prostate Cancer UK.

Get Involved

If you want to get involved you can support us by sharing our goal on your social media and commenting your support. Take a picture of yourself marching for men.

Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to do 11,000 steps a day and complete the Prostate Cancer UK March the Month. There is a sign up page as well as tools and tips. There’s also a JustGiving fitness tracker to record your progress, accept donations and make your way up the fundraising leaderboard.

How to track your steps

For the keen walkers out there, read our article on the best ways to track your steps and stay motivated throughout the month of March.

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Patrick Sheerin

Patrick Sheerin

We’re Marching the Month for Prostate Cancer UK.

Find out more and donate here.