What impact have the Olympics had on Sports Clubs?

Running injuries were the most common complaints followed by football and rugby. Tennis injuries were also on the increase. These have been attributed to the recent success of Gold Medal winner and nation’s favourite Andy Murray.

Health experts are urging people to be fully prepared when taking up a new sport and take preventative measures such as using the correct technique, warming up and cooling down, as well as resting and stretching between session.

Health and sports clubs also need to take some responsibility for the welfare of their members. Most establishments like to keep up to date with the health and wellbeing of their users. But it’s also important that there is a clear health and safety policy and necessary measures in place to deal with serious accidents and injuries.

A good risk assessment will allow sports centres to understand and control any potential hazards that may cause injury to their staff or customers. These can be anything from basic housekeeping and cleaning to a certain level of sanitation to ensuring that all staff are trained to deal with more medical emergencies.

In addition to this, it is important that all sports and social clubs keep up to date with changes to legislation as these may affect their approach to health and safety.

Being prudent with their approach to health and safety will help sports clubs to minimize the chances of litigation and taking responsibility and controlling potential hazardous situations may help to reduce their insurance premiums

Small businesses, including sports and social clubs that are not so prudent with their health and safety policies could also be in the firing line for the new ‘FFI’ (Fee for Intervention) due to come into force on 1st October 2012, which will allow the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to cover its costs for carrying out inspections on businesses found to be in breach of the health and safety laws.

The new ‘Fee for Intervention’ (FFI) has been criticised and deemed unfair by the federation of small businesses who have concerns that the practice could lead to a ‘heavy-handed’ and ‘inconsistent’ approach by HSE inspectors in their drive to recover money.

Clubs that put adequate controls in place will ensure that their customers can enjoy their sporting activities in the safest possible environments, and hopefully foster the next generation of British Olympians.

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