What does the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation do?

We offer insurance coverage to the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation, one of the oldest charity organisations in the UK that was created to support miners and mining communities. But what role do Miners clubs fulfill now?

Now the mines are gone, coalfield areas remain some of the most overlooked and economically neglected areas of the UK. The commitment of the miners clubs in their heyday has not faltered, they still benefit the former coalfield communities in a variety of ways.


Operating through the Miners’ Welfare Schemes, they help to provide a myriad of community services designed to meet the changing social and economic needs of mining communities.

CISWO is committed to building community capacity through a range of One-Stop-Shops, IT learning opportunities; facilitating lifelong learning; raising achievement with under 5’s support; and after-school clubs.

CISWO also work towards improving the quality of life for older people and individuals disadvantaged by ill health with important issues, such as social exclusion. CISWO also work with families and individuals struggling with poverty and other debilitating circumstances to help enhance lives.

They also achieve this through social worker visits to coalfield community homes, helping people receive the maximum financial support via state benefits, the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme and other sources of income. Over 5,000 people benefit each year from the one to one services provided by the Organisation’s Social Workers.

Improving Communities

CISWO became a registered charity organisation in 1995 following the privatisation of the coal industry. They also perform an Operations Service promoting community regeneration and development through professional support, in partnership with others, to Miners Welfare Schemes.

Miners were formerly the backbone of British industry and an incredibly overlooked and unfairly marginalized group historically. Miners clubs, miners houses and charitable groups such as CISWO are vital to regressing some of the previous poor treatment by attempting to look after the interests of former mining communities (which are often some of the most deprived areas in the UK).

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