The Andy Murray Effect: Interest in Tennis Intensifies

Following Andy Murray’s historical victory at Wimbledon, enthusiasm and interest from people of all ages in tennis has boomed across Britain. The seventy seven year void between British Winners is likely to be a main contributing factor, however the recent surge of glorious weather is likely to have assisted in this Tennis resurgence.

The Scotland Government’s Sports Agency has pledged a £5.8 Million investment into improving access to tennis facilities and improving standards over the next four years after requests from Andy Murray himself. With investment likely to follow in Britain, it may be time sort out insurance for a new club, change policy to meet the new demand, or save on what you already pay.

When insuring a tennis club you must consider every facet of potential for or losses. If your tennis club is complete with a licensed bar, this will also need to be considered as specific cover is needed for establishments that provide alcoholic beverages. It’s not just the players, teams and coaches need consideration, any accidental injury to spectators will also need to be contained within your plan.

Equipment can be expensive to replace if stolen or damaged, so including contents cover within your policy may protect you in the future if the worst happens. Without real, comprehensive insurance, your club could come under huge pressure from an incident or lawsuit measured against it. A large libel case, lawyer costs or payout from something not covered by your insurance could cause your club to lose substantial revenue, or even put the future of your club in jeopardy.

If you want to know more about how to get the right cover for your club, contact us on 0844 488 9204 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to help.

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