Premier League football clubs significantly boost local economies

According to Leisure Opportunities, Premier League football clubs are giving local economies a significant boost outside the on field activities. Leisure Opportunities points to the increasing value of property values around Premier League football grounds and clubs attracting overseas tourists as well as travelling fans.

Halifax Bank has reported that house prices near Premier League clubs have more than doubled on average over the past 10 years, with the area around Manchester City’s ground rising the most with an impressive 259 percent increase.

Manchester City is investing heavily in the local infrastructure as it builds in and around their stadium complex, a project that is mirrored in Liverpool as they aim to redevelop Anfield and the immediate vicinity.

It also appears that the presence of a top flight football club also boosts applications for university places with both Swansea University and Cardiff University reporting surges in applications (especially from overseas) on the back of their presence in the Premier League.

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