Common Policy Conditions

Reasonable Care

Your Insurance Policy will impose on you a duty of care – When did you last change the key or code to your alarm and safe? Have you recently appointed a new manager or parted company with an employee under difficult circumstances for example? If so it may be time to review your security practices so that unauthorised persons cannot gain entry to the venue. Your claim could be turned down if insurers do not feel that you have acted reasonably.

Alarm Warranty

Your Insurance Policy will usually have a Warranty which requires the alarm to be set when the premises is closed for business. If the alarm is not set properly then any subsequent loss may not be covered.

We have recently heard of people going into venues during the day and tampering with alarms. They then return when the premises is closed for business and break in. Our clients have found that when they are closing up at night it has proven difficult to set the alarm. This might mean that the alarm makes a different sound or that the alarm tone that normally stops after say 30 seconds continues indefinitely.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever when setting the intruder alarm then the premises should not be left unattended until the issue has been resolved.

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