Club Insure: World Cup opening times: Get your voice heard

Following up our coverage of the controversy surrounding the World Cup and how the late showing of games will impact the trading of venues who are planning on showing the games, you now have a chance to get your voice heard by the key decision makers on this issue.

Getting involved

The head of the BBPA, Brigid Simmonds, has encouraged ‘publicans and fans to make their voice heard’ by getting involved with the debate.

Licensees are now able to submit their views on the impact of a relaxation and the duration and geographical extent it should apply to.

If approved, all venues would be able stay open later and continue to sell alcohol during all England matches.

BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: “We welcome this consultation as an opportunity to make clear the wish of publicans, the wider industry and most importantly England fans to enjoy World Cup 2014 in their local pub – the next best thing to being there.

How to get your voice heard

Industry members have been urging everyone who is affected by the initial government denial of the later opening hours to take action.

The later hours are not merely to allow drinking establishments to allow customers to watch the game and to serve alcohol during, they would also create a window after the games have finished, letting licensees stagger the exit of customers.

Police and local authorities will be particularly in favour of avoiding a mass exodus of fans as the final whistle to avoid violence and antisocial behaviour.

The consultation was launched after rethink for the World Cup a day after the Home Office said it had ruled out extending licensing hours, so there is clearly room for negotiation on this issue.

How to help the campaign

To get involved with this campaign, you need to voice your support for the extended opening hours to the home office.

You can do this by going to the Home Office website.

Action is required now, the consultation closes on 26 March 2014.

Insurance during the World Cup

With increase revenue and busy periods always predicted for the World Cup, it’s vital to have comprehensive insurance coverage. If an accident does happen or an incident with your venue, it could be costly in a time that is expected to be a boom for the industry if these plans are successful.

To speak to one of our trained and experienced staff, call us on 0844 488 9204 or use our contact sheet.

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