A social club building at a sports ground has been destroyed in fire

Eight fire engines and around 60 firefighters were called to the old Canley Social Club in Marler Road at 00:15 to tackle the fire. But despite the best efforts of the fire brigade to take control of the fire, the roof of the two story brick building collapsed through the irreversible damage.

The Fire crews left the scene and an investigation to find out the cause of the fire has begun. Onlookers described the scene as “chaos” and said that it seemed as if the firefighters “were never going to win”.

One local resident said: “I was here at a children’s party just before the end of last term, it was in the dance hall… It was really popular.

Richie Moore, watch commander at Canley fire station, confirmed that the building will have to be demolished due to safety issues following immense structural damage.

Incident commander for West Midlands Fire Service, Dean Yates, said: “My understanding at the moment is that there have been no injuries.

“It’s obviously a very severe fire exacerbated by a gas main that was difficult to isolate in the early stages of the incident.”

The gas and electricity board isolated the sources at the scene, but an investigation concerning the details of the incident is currently underway.

Fires can be extremely traumatic, and can be made a lot worse if the building does not have insurance cover.

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